Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Ultima Weapon" - Hooray for Game Boy

Do you know "Chiptune David"? There is a good chance you don´t, and I won´t blame you for that. Anyway, he is a pretty good musician and knows how to fiddle with the Game Boy as a synthesizer. I should put "was", not "is", as he has stopped making music for causes unknown to me. This track is the most well-known of his, named "Ultima Weapon".

By the way, making music on a Game Boy seems pretty hard - you need a special cartridge to allow you to program the system´s sound chip. There are several on the market, the most prominent being "Nanoloop" and "Pixelh8". Plus. there are also special modifications for Game Boys for better sound quality.If you´re interested in this kind of thing, I can recommend the Wikipedia article at .

The Game Boy is still going strong in the chiptune scene, there are lots of artists out there using it, especially for live performances. For now, enjoy this video of "Ultima Weapon" - I certainly do.

Classical game music: The title track of "Hybris" (Amiga)

This is REALLY oldschool now. No fancy modern kickdrums, no remix, just Amiga soundchip goodmess. "Hybris" is a vertical shooter, released in 1989. The tune was composed by Paul van der Valk, who also did the music for "Imploder". He is one of the less-important artists of the Amiga gaming scene of the 80s/90s, nevertheless this track is great.

By the way, did you know that the soundchip of the early Amigas (like the A500), named "Paula", also did manage the disc drive and the serial port of the computer? Poor thing, prone to burnout syndrome :D

Friday, April 29, 2011

Download a free remix album by Spiral!

A special treat for the weekend: The album "Hands On" by the artist "Spiral" from 2009, featuring 12 special remixes of other chiptune/spacesynth artists such as Reptile, Sky and MyVoice.  Total running time is over 50 minutes. The most noteworthy track might be "Outrun 2k" - if you do not know that one, shame on you :)

"Hands On" is _really_ good. It has a pretty modern sound but takes on classical chip music. You really need to download this - I usually listen to it while gaming, driving around or working out. Give it a try! By the way, of course this download is legal - the artist wants his music to be spread.

If you download it, please get back at me and tell me what you think!

The tracks are in .mp3 format, so you do not have to install some special player (although I will feature .mod players in this blog at some time).

Here´s the Church of Chiptune download link:

If you don´t want to download a "pig in a poke", here is a preview - have fun!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not a thing of the past...

The chiptune music scene is still going strong. One of the most well-known artists is "dubmood", a musician from Sweden. He is producing music for the notorious cracking group "Razor 1911". Besides, he is releasing CDs with his music and doing live gigs. He even has his own music label called "Data Airlines". Check out his website at .

The following track is called "Toffelskater", which in my opinion is one of the best chiptune tracks ever created. Dubmood did a remix 4 years ago, which isn´t "pure" chiptune - but it packs a punch. Check it out!

Welcome to Turrican!

One of the best Game-Chiptunes ever, the title track of "Turrican" for the Commodore Amiga. Made by Chiptune-God Chris Hülsbeck.

Did you know that he´s still producing game music? He is currently working on some titles for the iPhone, i.e. Zombie Smash ( ).

This guy has to keep composing...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Such a good-looking machine...

...the Amiga 500 was. To be honest, I was one of the few people that had an Amiga 2000 (with 20 Megabytes of HD! WOW!). I cannot really remember where that machine went, I guess I did sell it at some point to be able to afford a PC... damn :)

However, my former girlfriend, now wife, has supplied me with her A500... so I am a proud owner of an authentic commodore computer again. Just missing the hard drive to some extent :D


Welcome to the Church of Chiptune, where the oldschool art of computer and video game music comes alive...

I really miss the old days, when computers did not have a hard drive and made strange noises when booting or reading a - wait for it - floppy disk *gasp*!

Those were the days which will not come back, but maybe this blog will give room for my nostalgia... and yours.
By the way - creating this blog means I am an old geezer already :)

Let the voyage begin...

Do you Amiga-lovers remember the famous "Mega Demo" by Red Sector? It´s pure Gold.