Saturday, April 30, 2011

Classical game music: The title track of "Hybris" (Amiga)

This is REALLY oldschool now. No fancy modern kickdrums, no remix, just Amiga soundchip goodmess. "Hybris" is a vertical shooter, released in 1989. The tune was composed by Paul van der Valk, who also did the music for "Imploder". He is one of the less-important artists of the Amiga gaming scene of the 80s/90s, nevertheless this track is great.

By the way, did you know that the soundchip of the early Amigas (like the A500), named "Paula", also did manage the disc drive and the serial port of the computer? Poor thing, prone to burnout syndrome :D


  1. nice i love chiptunes and shooters, so i may have to check this game out

  2. When it comes to chiptunes the Amiga is the daddy. The old demo scene was amazing

  3. So true... but the demo scene is still alive, it´s just not exactly what it used to be.