Friday, April 29, 2011

Download a free remix album by Spiral!

A special treat for the weekend: The album "Hands On" by the artist "Spiral" from 2009, featuring 12 special remixes of other chiptune/spacesynth artists such as Reptile, Sky and MyVoice.  Total running time is over 50 minutes. The most noteworthy track might be "Outrun 2k" - if you do not know that one, shame on you :)

"Hands On" is _really_ good. It has a pretty modern sound but takes on classical chip music. You really need to download this - I usually listen to it while gaming, driving around or working out. Give it a try! By the way, of course this download is legal - the artist wants his music to be spread.

If you download it, please get back at me and tell me what you think!

The tracks are in .mp3 format, so you do not have to install some special player (although I will feature .mod players in this blog at some time).

Here´s the Church of Chiptune download link:

If you don´t want to download a "pig in a poke", here is a preview - have fun!


  1. Looks like an interesting album! I'll try to download it once this here storm on the horizon passes us over (I lose internet when it rains.)

  2. Thanks for sharing, thay actually sound pretty good.

  3. good music and for free *thumbsup*