Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Game Tune: "One Must Fall 2097" for PC

Another game tune for you. But this time, it is not really oldschool stuff, because it´s the title track of a PC game from 1994 by Diversions Entertainment. The music is really catchy und cool, which was a pretty rare thing when the game came out - the music of PC games generally was real crap, to be honest.

By the way, the game itself was really cool too. Does anyone of you remember it? Beat'em'up with robots - very nice :) And it even had fatalities (but since I had no internet at that time, I had to figure out the right button combinations myself... omg :)


  1. I miss the old school games and the music that went with them, thank god for emulators

  2. I remember games on the old 486 based PCs. They were awful!

  3. Great find! You really know your chiptune stuff, friend!

  4. Such a cool tune, loving your blog man; I'm blasting some of your posts and I don't think my neighbors will be pleased!
    Thanks for all the links ;)