Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Chipdisk #3" by Razor - 30+ tracks, 800 KB

 Loads of great chiptune tracks in less than 1 Megabyte - "Chipdisks" do the trick. They come complete with an audio engine and several tracks, in this case over 30 by well-known artists like dubmood, lesnik and blz.

Download this great disk here - don´t worry, the file is clean. Just 50+ minutes of chiptune goodness!


  1. 800k used to be an entire game!

  2. Of course, but those chipdisks run under windows... Amiga was a different story :D Anyway, the 64k demos that get released nowadays are astounding.

  3. Definitely going to be picking this up. I've been putting 'chiptunes' into's tag radio lately. Enjoying the hell out of it.