Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Classic SNES Tune: "Mute City" from "F-Zero"

Do you remember playing "F-Zero" on the SNES? I do not like racing games at all, and I never did - but F-Zero was such a good game, I just *had* to play it for hours and hours without end. Incredible fast 3D graphics, powerful music and pretty nice gameplay. For me, it was an instant classic.

Here, I present you the track named "Mute City". Enjoy!

By the way, I have just bought myself an original SNES from a friend, along with several games (including F-Zero). I sold mine when I was around 15 or 16 years old to enter the "next generation" with a Playstation 1. I am glad I can finally play on that old system again...


  1. wow, F-Zero, that brings back memories

  2. Love this track - Love it

    Honestly I don't even remember the music from any of the other tracks... Yikes... Is that because this is the music from the first track?

    Congratulations on buying a SNES! They are a HELL of a lot harder to get these days than the NES, especially with the premier titles. If you picked up anything like Mario All Stars, Link to the Past or Chrono Trigger, hats off, still a sweet acquisition at any rate

  3. ho this game was soooo sweet. it's lucky you could find an old SNES thats still working

  4. nice going, I had so much fun with the snes!!

  5. This reminds me of a Super Smash Bros. stage song... hmmm

  6. Keep 'em coming, man. I listen to these religiously.