Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a wee post, for I am stressed: "Monkey Island"

Hey guys and gals,

I know, long time no update, but my real life is killing me at the moment (especially my job), plus I will be on a business trip to Canada for the next few days.

I will try and post from Canada. In the meantime, I present you something you all know already: The intro music of "The Secret of Monkey Island". I don´t think I need to explain why I am posting this here. Enjoy!


  1. oh i was just talking with my roommate about how awesome monkey island was. talk about a coincidence

  2. Welcome in advance! It's really not so bad here now that winter's over.

  3. I just love that game and the music! don't like the remakes they have done, tho.

  4. i am back :)
    and i love monkey island!

  5. I'm glad they remade this game. Brought back so many memories.