Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am back, and this is "Ultima Online"

I am finally back from my business days in Canada. Had a good time, lots of friendly people there, and the food was nice (Poutine all the way :).

Now it´s back to chiptunes and game music. For today, I present you a track of the classic game "Ultima Online". I hope you all know the "godfather" of online roleplaying games, I sure do. Never did I experience more emotions in front of my computer than when playing this gem 15 years ago. Being hunted by playerkillers, stalking big prey in dungeons... it´s not the same with games like "World of Warcraft" nowadays. The adrenaline is gone, at least for me.

Anyway, Ultima Online did also feature some very nice music. This is the title tune, and to be honest - I cannot listen to it without getting tears in my eyes. Those were the days...


  1. hope you enjoyed the trip! the track is awesome btw!

  2. Canada seems nice, havn't heard of the game though, I think I may be too young. Going to check youtube for it :D


  3. i owned that exact game! i want to play it again soo bad!